To all biryani lovers across the globe,

I’am biryani. And I have been wronged.

With 43 orders per minute, 1000 online orders a day and an army of delivery executives waiting just to collect me, I am currently the most sought after dish. There’s not been one year when I haven’t topped the food charts. In fact, last year ended on such a high note for me that there were more than 500 orders dispatched on 28th February alone. Sri Lankan loves me so much that now there’s even a stamp in my honour.

True, these are commendable accomplishments. Especially for a mere rice dish such as myself. But I’m the victim of a greater dis honour. I still don’t have an emoticon. My western cousins – pizza, taco and burger – have been part of your chats since forever. But, even after being one of the most sought after dishes in the country, I feel like I don’t truly belong.

I am biryani, the country’s greatest emotion, but unfortunately not an emoticon. It’s up to you to change that! Fight for me, fight for your love. Sign the petition and help me become an emoticon!

Your loyal and delicious friend,

Kilo Biriyani



IT Chef

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